Accreditation Program Committee (APC) and Professional Education and Examination Committee (PEEC)

Corporate Business Team - CommitteesIn addition to its Board of Directors, PSB has two Committees that play a vital role in service delivery:

PEEC Mandate

The mandate of the Professional Education and Examination Committee (PEEC) is to:

Three key things to know about the work of the Accreditation Program Committee (APC):

It’s fitting that the Accreditation Program Committee is learning!  APC is taking steps to ensure that an efficient, transparent and trust building accreditation process continues to evolve.  Here’s an update on our activities.

  1. Proactive Timelines in Place!  Site visits with universities are now booked up to a year in advance, at times that are most appropriate to those universities.  Similarly, we aim to establish Site Visit Teams well in advance.  Pre-visit preparation is taking place to increase preparedness of all parties.   The process timeline is now posted on our website.
  2. Considering Depth and Diversity!  Volunteers are critical to the success of the accreditation program.  Recognizing that Planning is a diverse profession, and planners have many specialties and backgrounds, we are looking at ways we can achieve a diverse and deep pool for Site Visit Teams.   A review of various professional “Colleges of Reviewers” approaches will give a base on which to create a national volunteer call.  Stay tuned!
  3. Planning, planners and planning schools don’t stand still!  The Committee undertakes ongoing and regular review of issues and opportunities as they arise to develop pragmatic solutions that meet the needs of the profession and our academic partners, and help us deliver on our mandate.

We commit to providing regular updates and welcome suggestions about areas that we should cover.  Our aim is to ensure that the processes we develop and implement are robust, transparent and sustainable. To learn more about university accreditation, see here.

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