Ethics and Professionalism Course and Test

to register for the Ethics and Professionalism Course.

Passing Grade : 70 %

Turnaround time : Immediately

The Ethics & Professionalism Course consists of eight modules, and the test is a series of multiple-choice questions.

Ethics - Man writing exam

The test requires you to choose the answer that is the most correct, in your judgement. Your test will be automatically graded, and you will receive your result (pass/fail) immediately. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the test (pass/fail), we cannot share specific results or feedback. Please note the passing grade for the test is 70% and you will have 6 months to complete the course and test upon registering.

You may take the Ethics & Professionalism Course and test at any time after we have confirmed your Candidate membership in your Provincial/Territorial Institute or Association, but it must be successfully completed before you are eligible to sit the Professional examination.

The test is closed book, and you will be asked to sign an attestation and confidentiality agreement before you begin it.

The test consists of four types of questions:

  1. Multiple choice case studies: you will be presented with short cases and four different courses of action for each, and you will be asked to select the one you feel is closest to what you would do or say in the given situation
  2. Multiple choice fact-based questions: you will be given questions on the course content, with four potential answers, and you will be asked to choose the answer you feel is most in agreement with the content
  3. Multiple choice “fill-in-the-blank” questions: you will be given a series of statements based on the course content, each of which has one or more blanks, and will be asked to select from four options the word or words you feel correctly completes the sentence
  4. True/false questions:  you will be given a series of statements based on the course material and asked to identify each as true or false

The course includes a list of suggested reading materials.  These materials are not mandatory, but they may help broaden your understanding of ethical and professional issues faced by planners and offer you the opportunity to be a better-rounded practitioner in the profession. We do not have copies of the suggested readings on file. Feel free to check your local library or Amazon for copies of the supplementary materials. The content provided in the other modules are sufficient for a basic understanding of the concepts explored in the course and should adequately prepare you for the test. Here are a few links that may be helpful: