Next Sitting of the
Professional Examination

  • Spring Examination
    March 17, 2025
  • Fall Examination
    September 16, 2024

September 16, 2024

Professional Examination

Registration for the Fall 2024 examination will open in July

The Fall 2024 sitting of the Professional Examination will take place remotely using online proctoring technology. No in-person locations will be hosted and candidates will not be required to find an invigilator.  Candidates will sit the Examination in their own home or a location accessible to them using a laptop or computer. The technology requirements are listed on the certification portal.

The Professional Examination is a formal, multiple choice Examination that is offered twice in each year – once in the Spring and once in the Fall. The purposes of the Professional Examination are:

  • To assist in assessing your suitability for admission to full (certified) membership in your Provincial/Territorial Institute or Association
  • To evaluate your understanding, comprehension, interpretation and ability to apply the CIP Code of Professional Conduct,
  • To assess your comprehension and understanding of broader issues of professionalism and related, relevant competencies for professional planners

You will need to apply to PSB to write the Professional Examination and can only do so if you have successfully completed all the other requirements. Mentorship and Sponsorship logs will be due by Friday, August 9, 2024 in order to be reviewed ahead of the registration deadline.


The Professional Education and Examination Committee is pleased to release the new 2023 Professional Examination Study Guide and updated Additional Readings 2023! The new Guide builds upon the 2021 version to help you prepare, based on feedback from Candidates and the virtual Examination format. Use the new Study Guide to supplement your preparations and your review of the previous Professional Examination Study Guide.

Kindly note that the format of the Examination has not changed since September 2020; the new content in the Guide on Emerging Issues is not a new section in the Examination, it is simply supplementary information on how to approach questions on emerging issues that may appear in any of the three existing sections of the Professional Examination.

Mark Your Calendar

Spring Examination:
Monday, March 17, 2025

Fall Professional Examination:
Monday, September 16, 2024

500 $ + HST ($150 + HST for second or third attempt)

Passing Grade:
80 %

Turnaround Time:
2 weeks

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Professional Examination Procedure

The Fall sitting will be held on Monday, September 16, 2024. Registration will open in July 2024 and close on August 30, 2024. Please note, Examination sittings are held twice in each year – once in the spring and once in the fall.

The Professional Examination is the last step on your road to becoming a full, certified member of the profession. It consists of three sections:

  • Public interest
  • Professional responsibility
  • Ethics

The Professional Examination is three hours in length and is invigilated. Please note that you are not being examined on your technical knowledge of planning, but on issues of professionalism. Late registrations are not accepted, and your registration and payment must reach us by the closing date. The PSB office will confirm receipt of your payment and advise you of the location and time of the Examination by e-mail. This is a closed-book Examination. You are not permitted any notes or cellphones and will be asked to leave such material/devices, along with any bags you may have, at the front of the Examination room. You must bring your own laptop, which you will use to take the Examination. Please ensure you bring your power cord and any other accessories your laptop requires. Any technical malfunction resulting in an inability to complete the Examination (ex. Dead battery) will be the responsibility of the candidate. More information regarding the Examination will be provided to candidates once they register via email.