You cannot begin a mentorship relationship until you have been accepted as a Candidate member of your Provincial/Territorial Institute or Association (PTIA) and have submitted your mentor’s name and contact information through the candidate portal. Please review the Mentorship Guide (pdf) with your mentor before you begin your mentorship period. Your Mentor is a key player in your development as a responsible member of the planning profession. They will help in your professional growth and your development of specific competencies. Your mentorship period will last a minimum of one year (at least 4-6 meetings and may be longer), as your Mentor must be satisfied that the objectives of the mentorship program have been met.  These are ensuring that you are exposed to, and cover, a range of professional topics while completing your practical work experience, including:

Specifically, you and your Mentor must cover the following core topics/issues during your mentorship:

Your Mentor will complete and sign off on your Record of Mentorship once s/he is satisfied that the program’s objectives have been accomplished.  This Record should include a log of all meetings you have had with your Mentor (in person, by phone or by other electronic means), activities undertaken, topics/issues covered, and documentation that the core topics/issues have been covered.

Who Can Be Your Mentor?

Ideally, you will be able to provide the name of a Mentor at the time of your application for assessment.  However, should this not be possible, you will have 90 days from the date of your application to identify and secure the agreement of a qualified person as your Mentor. Your Mentor must:

  • Currently be a full (certified) member of a Provincial /Territorial Institute or Association (PTIA) /RPP (or LPP, etc.) in good standing
  • Have more than three years’ experience as a full (certified) member of a Provincial /Territorial Institute or Association (PTIA) /RPP (or LPP, etc.)

Note:  time as a Provisional/Candidate member does not count towards fulfilling the three-year requirement. Because the Mentor’s role is seen as collegial, we anticipate that s/he will often be a supervisor or close work/professional colleague.  However, it is also possible, when necessary, that you can have a long-distance relationship with a Mentor, provided that the relationship meets the objectives of the program.

What Documents Do I Need to Submit?

Record of Mentorship (pdf) Download the Mentorship Guide (pdf) which provides more details of the Mentorship component of the certification process. Please submit your signed record of mentorship once completed to [email protected]

Can I Backlog My Mentorship?

Mentorship cannot be backlogged – only mentorship experience gained after your acceptance as a Candidate member of your PTIA, and admission to PSB’s process, can be logged in your Record of Mentorship.

Can I Change My Mentor?

Either you or your Mentor may terminate this agreement and the mentorship relationship for any reason by advising PSB in writing and indicating the termination date. For changing your mentor, kindly end the mentorship relationship with them and have them sign the Record of Mentorship form on the corresponding logs you have already completed. Then, begin a new mentorship period with a new mentor,  update the candidate portal, and then start new logs for all the remaining mentorship meetings required for your certification. Your new mentor will sign off on those remaining logs. You will then submit two separate mentor logs (i.e. one with your former mentor, one with your new mentor).