Prior Learning Assessment Recognition (PLAR)

This alternate route is available for planners who hold any academic degree other than a university degree in planning from a program formally accredited by the planning profession. Business Corporate People Working The specific membership requirements for admission under this route require an individual planner to:

Individuals seeking admission to Candidate membership under this route must demonstrate, through an application and PLAR assessment process with PSB, basic standards of competency and knowledge, and achieve credit toward certification based on a combination of past experience, professional development, and education. Under this route, the PLAR process involves the applicant:

A separate PLAR Portfolio Development Guide (pdf) outlining the details and requirements of the PLAR process is available to applicants seeking Candidate membership through the PLAR route, and should be reviewed carefully.

Please note: We are accepting electronic transcripts that are directly sent and issued from your university or their third party to 

Degree Evaluation

If the degree you wish to submit with your application was obtained outside of Canada, the United States or Australia, you must arrange to have it evaluated. Evaluation by one of the following bodies is required:

There are three cost components to consider (excluding your investment in your degree):

 Item PLAR
PSB Application Fee (non-refundable) $650.00
Ethics & Professionalism Course and Examination $450.00
Professional Examination $500.00
 Total $1,600.00

Our fees are subject to GST/HST, and that is not reflected in the above table. Please see our FAQs for more details or contact us at for more details.