2019 Spring Professional Examination Registration Form

March 18th, 2019

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*OPPI Candidate (Provisional) Member is a candidate who applied for certification prior to September 2012
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Examination Location

The March Examination is taking place at the University of Toronto Exam Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Downtown Vancouver in the Pender Meeting Room at the Oceanic Plaza, and in Calgary/Edmonton (TBC based on interest). If you are located outside of Toronto or Vancouver, you are eligible to write the Examination at a different location with an invigilator present. You will need to arrange for an invigilator satisfactory to PSB and for a room in which you can write. You are responsible for the cost, if any, of your Examination room if you choose this option.

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*An Examination Centre may be organized in Alberta based on interest. Should interest be low, candidates in Alberta must sit the Examination with an invigilator.

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