Ethics & Professionalism
Course and Test

The Ethics & Professionalism Course and test is now available to certification candidates (i.e. those whose application has been approved by the PSB and have been granted candidate membership with a Provincial/Territorial Institute and Association (PTIA)). Candidates have six (6) months from the date they register for the course to finish their study of the material and complete your test. The course consists of eight modules and is in electronic format:

  • Professions and the Professional Culture
  • Why the Planning Profession is Concerned About Practitioner Ethics
  • Professional Obligations and Responsibilities
  • The Ethical Planning Practitioner
  • The Public Interest
  • Professional Codes of Ethics and Practice
  • Case Studies and Exercises
  • Readings

  1. Candidate requests test from (at least 48 hours in advance of when he/she prepares to write it)
  2. PSB sends candidate the test by email on the requested date
  3. Candidate completes test, which should take no more than 2 hours to complete (made up of true/false and multiple choice questions)
  4. Candidate sends completed test back to PSB within 24 hours (by scan)

The test is a series of multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank and true/false questions, and is time-limited. Each multiple-choice question either poses a case on an ethical and/or professional issue, or relates directly to your knowledge of the course material; for each question, there are a number of possible replies.  You will be asked to choose the response that is, in your judgment, most correct or appropriate; for the cases, you would choose the option that best reflects what you would do or say in the given situation.  Your test will be graded, and you will be informed of your mark.  For more details on the test, please click here.

The course includes a list of suggested reading materials.  These materials are not mandatory, but they may help broaden your understanding of ethical and professional issues faced by planners, and offer you the opportunity to be a better-rounded practitioner in the profession.

You may take the Ethics & Professionalism Course and test at any time after we have confirmed your Candidate membership in your Provincial/Territorial Institute or Association, but it must be successfully completed before you are eligible to sit the Professional Examination.

Ethics & Professionalism Course Fee:

$595.00 + (GST/HST) see payment tax chart below:

  • $595.00 + $29.75 GST = $624.75
    (if your province or territory of residence is BC / MB / SK / AB / NU / NT / YK), or
  • $595.00 + $77.35 HST = $672.35
    (if your province of residence is ON), or
  • $595.00 + $89.25 HST = $684.25
    (if your province of residence is NB, NL, NS, PE)


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